Welcome to Skoolbo - Go! Aussie Kids Go!

Skoolbo – Go Aussie Kids Go is a great new site for primary children to help with reading and maths. Skoolbo contains dedicated areas for children, parents and teachers. Children are immersed in an incredible learning world and are highly motivated by the inbuilt rewards mechanisms. Parents and teachers are equipped with an array of tools to help them achieve wonderful educational outcomes for their children.

Skoolbo is already used by children in more than 150 countries and we are delighted to announce the launch of the specially developed Australian version.

Skoolbo is accessible to everyone. Skoolbo is 100% free for students and teachers, and there are inexpensive premium versions for schools and parents. We are committed in our belief that every child should be able to benefit from great eLearning.

We invite you to join the more than 2 million children, teachers and parents already on Skoolbo. We are confident your children will love it and most importantly you will see phenomenal improvement rates.